Western View Management - Services

Whether you are an owner of one investment property or several we will provide your investment property with the best care we can offer! Below is an outline of what you can expect of our professional management services:

1. Pay individual attention to each property.
2. Keep the owner informed.
3. Provide monthly generated reader friendly owner statements.
4. Collect rent and use rent collection procedures when rent is outstanding.
5. Lease only to qualified responsible tenants.
6. Coordinate owner requested services for maintenance.
7. Maintain proper Escrow Accounts.
8. Advise owners on market rental rates.
9. Advice on preventative maintenance needed, supervision of refurbishing and modernization programs.
10. Marketing your property in print, on the Internet, and other media.
11. Do thorough credit, employment and residence history checks before approving a new tenant.
12. Negotiate the lease for best terms to benefit you the owner.
13. Use proper lease agreement and exhibits that will provide you with protection.
14. Meet with tenants to review lease agreement requirements in detail.
15. Do initial walkthrough to document the condition of the property.
16. Handle maintenance requests from the tenant.
17. Handle lease renewal and do a lease renewal walk through.
18. Address lease compliance problems.
19. Do move out walkthrough and make deductions from security deposit if needed.